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Toronto’s New Healthy
Meal Delivery Service

Sometimes eating healthy and sticking to a diet seems like an impossible task. Between working and going to the gym, it can be easy to lose track of time. Power Kitchen’s Meal Prep Delivery in Toronto solves this problem by providing affordable, tasty meals, that will hit all your macros regardless of your goals. With our meal deliveries, you will never need to worry about finding time to cook or browsing restaurant menus for that one overpriced item that fits your diet.

Create Own Meal or Choose from our Pre-Built Meal Plans

Custom Meal Plan

Taking control of your personal nutrition has never been easier with our custom meal plan option. Select every component of your meals with ease and never worry about getting meals that don’t meet your personal tastes and dietary restrictions. With all key macros listed under every component, it is easier than ever to create the perfect meal plan for you!

Start Now

Pre-Built Meal Plans

If you are unsure of what to choose that’s ok!  We have a selection of curated meal plans by Toronto’s best Nutritionists, Personal Trainer, and Gyms!


Delivery Methods


Sign up with your delivery address and you will receive meals on Wednesdays or Sundays. Joey (our dispatcher) will coordinate a good time with you via text. If any changes need to be made with the delivery address or time let us know of the day you receive your text and Joey will do his best to accommodate your request! Please note even though a delivery window is provided we can not always guarantee that delivery window due to factors outside of our control such as Road Accidents, “Toronto” Traffic, Mother Nature, Force Majeure etc.  


If you would rather pick up your meals, drop by our HQ at 28 Logan Avenue where we offer pick up on Sundays between 2 pm and 3:30 pm and Wednesdays between 4 pm – 6 pm.

Delivery Zone

Rotating Menu

At Power Kitchen, we believe eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or bland. Our menus are full of variety and different flavours. Every week we change our menu to include the best of local seasonal ingredients. Each week we will offer an array of chicken, steak, ground beef, vegan protein, carbs and vegetable options.

Your Diet Restrictions in Mind

Power Kitchen offers an array of options with diverse flavors and complete customization.

We understand personal preference and diet restrictions that you may have. We can accommodate to those who have food allergies, eat a plant-based diet, ketogenic diet, paleo diet and we also have gluten and dairy free options available.

Team Full of Experts

We have teamed up with some of Toronto’s top health & fitness professionals to develop balanced, flavorful meals that not only meet all of your nutritional needs but also taste great!

About Our Packaging

Our Meals are packed in a state of the art Biodreable pulped paper container then heat sealed closed to lock in the freshness for up to five days in the refrigerator. Make sure to get your meals either into the fridge as soon as you get them.  

Our state of the art biodegradable packaging allows you to reheat your meals in the OVEN up to 400 degrees – we find this to be the optimum reheat method for the best tasting results! Microwaving and pan reheating is also an option, easily peel back the corners of the seal before oven reheating or microwaving – pick whichever method suits you! Oven reheat times may vary depending on your oven, but we recommend 325 Fahrenheit for 15-17 minutes.

Dual ovenable

They can be reheated in a microwave or conventional oven (up to 400F).

Clean solution

Sealed meals are the synonym for no mess, no leaks & no cross contamination.

Freezer to oven

Your meals can be frozen & reheated directly in the oven (up to 400F).

Heat retention

Trays have superior heat retention while cool to touch.


Recyclable/Compostable, your contribution to the environment.

Kosher approved coating

The coating of the packaging is made of a kosher certified coating. Certificate available on request.



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